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16 CFR 1500.51-53 Button Snap Tester

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To determine the holding or breaking strength of prong-ring attached snap fasteners onto garments. Consists of an Upper Snap Clamp, a Lower Fabric Clamp & Force Gauge mounted on a Stand. The snap component is gripped by the Upper Snap Clamp and the garment is fixed to the lower Fabric Clamp. Used for measuring the responsibility of garment manufacturer to ensure
button and firmware can be fixed on the ready-made garments properly,
Avoiding button drop from garment to brought danger to baby swallow.
Used for testing the vertical orientation tension of button and added touch. 
Dimensions : 37x 32 x 76 cm (L×W×H)
Weight:25 kg
a) 30kg Impact Force Gauge FB-30K 1Pc
b) Upper Stud Clamp 1Pc
c) Snap Clamp 1Pc
d) Lower Fabric Clamp, Lever Arm locking 1Pc
e) Three Pronged Clamp 1Pc
f) long mouth Clamp 1Pc
Testing Standards
16 CFR 1500.51-53, ASTM WK4510 PS79-96,ASTM F963,EN71-Part1,M&S P115A