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EN-71 Kinetic Energy Tester

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Product Information
The Kinetic Energy Tester is used to test related materials from the launch of the toys and toys from the launch of a non-exclusive material that may be caused by the ejection of some, but not all of the potential risk of accidents.
Main Technical Parameter
Power Supply: AC 220V/ Single phase, 50 HZ
Max time: 15.000000S
Display range: 0.000001--15.000000S
Speed display range:  0.007M/S—10000.000M/S. 
Input channels: Internal /external channels (external channel is optional)
The distance between front sensor and rear sensor: 152mm, tolerance 0.1mm
External sensor can adjustment distance from 30-480mm
Keys: internal / external channels, reset keys.
Testing Standards
ASTM: F963-03 EN-71-03 ISO8124